Three Major Advantages

Safe trading

Decentralized trading is simple and convenient. Need no worry about information leakage because there is no third-part intervention。


Effective and autonomous

Decentralized blockchain technology and point-to-point trading make high effective, decentralized and extensive information exchange come true。


Lower fee

Compare to traditional trading, decentralized trading is more simple and convenient. It saves trading costs when a huge number of transactions proceed simultaneously。

decentralized trading platform is a decentralized and fully functional trading platform of virtual goods. Trading of global customer on have to must be verified by trust mechanism of blockchain. High liquidity makes customers get the lower price and faster transaction. Global game player will get a virtual goods trading platform based on blockchain technology。
community brings millions of global game players, and devotes to create the first global game ecosystem. supports 90% of trading for game accounts, items and skins. We will cooperate with more game companies and game cards service providers to cover the whole market. will be a global and safe trading platform of virtual goods. All participants would benefit from the development of ecosystem。 function is a trading platform of global P2P internet game virtual goods, based of smart contract from blockchain. Global customers would trade virtual goods on this decentralized international platform, avoiding financial risk of traditional trading. The smart contract, connecting experience of TDT over ten years and experience of trading virtual goods over 10 billions times, makes the trading more fast and safe。
Revenue sharing based on contribution
One of the GGPC agreement is ensuring that all participants get benefit. Therefore, we brought a new revenue sharing plan named “Revenue sharing based on contribution”. This plan makes every participant in the community will get their contribution。
Zhaoyang Chen
Mr. Chen is a managing partner of Singapore Blockchain Development Fund, an overseas investment expert, and a vice president of China-Europe Business Services Association. He is a senior executive of several immigration services companies in China and a founder of immigration. He has 10 years of experience in the cross-border service industry。
Simon Wang
Mr. Wong is a managing partner of the Singapore Blockchain Development Foundation and has 12 years of experience in the immigration industry. He is the general manager of the immigration company and a director of several overseas investment companies and has extensive international business resources。
Mingxu Huang
Mr. Huang is the founder of Hua Yin Chuang Fu and a managing partner of the GGPC Foundation. He is involved in the distribution of operations from angels to listings on the Internet and has solid project management experience. He has in-depth research on the blockchain industry market, can quickly and accurately locate and integrate resources, and has extensive experience in customized professional services。
Yun Wang
Mr. Wang is a managing partner of GGPC Fund. Also he is the CEO/founder and game producer of Fengei Internet Technology. With a deep professional technical foundation, he is good at formulating application architecture plans based on business planning and technical planning;He deeply understands and uses the underlying technology of the blockchain to design Internet products. He has the most forward-looking and in-depth views on the development of the blockchain industry and its trends。
Weiqiang Sun
Mr. Sun is the founder of Huayin Chuangfu and a managing partner of the GGPC Foundation. He has 10 years of investment experience and focuses on research and investment in games, mobile internet, medicine, and blockchain.Since 2016, he has been deeply researching the blockchain. As a fancier of the digital currency community, he is dedicated to guiding the development of the digital currency industry。
Yuanyuan Huang
Ms. Huang is the CEO of Prosperity Asset Management Company, the founder of Huayin Chuangfu, and the managing partner of the GGPC Foundation. She has 10 years of financial experience, focusing on corporate financing, debt, equity and other financing businesses, and has a wealth of relevant industry resources. She has personal insights in the field of venture capital in the blockchain and participated in investing in multiple blockchain new economic projects。
Micheal Angus
After graduating with a PhD in computer science at Princeton university, Micheal run some startup companies successfully. He is also a specialist of products and strategy。
Renhuai Tang
Mr. tang get started with blockchain in 2015, and he is deep in application development in blockchain. As the first investor of it, he is good at marketing and connecting technology innovation and business。
Weiting Zhang
Mr. Zhang is a specialist of blockchain industry. After working at IT industry over 20 year, he’s now focus on application development and researching technology in blockchain。